Feucht, December 2018 – This year, one that already marks the Feucht site's 100th birthday, AGCO Feucht GmbH congratulated numerous employees for their long-standing allegiance to the company at the staff Christmas party on 13th December.

The festive Christmas party saw AGCO Feucht GmbH's entire workforce invited to enjoy mulled wine and culinary delights from food trucks on the company's premises. As part of the official tribute, Uli Nickol (Managing Director) and Markus Rekitt (Head of HR) thanked those celebrating an important anniversary, and with some heartfelt words handed them each a certificate of honour, a small present and a cash bonus.

"Having long-serving colleagues who demonstrate complete and absolute commitment to us is the only way a company like ours can remain successful and continue to grow despite being faced with a great many new challenges. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to those celebrating their anniversary – and we look forward to working together fruitfully for many more years to come." said Uli Nickol.

Achim Bauer, Werner Hornung and Alexandr Gritsak were honoured for having been with the company for 10 years. Leonard Seitz has worked in Feucht for 30 years now, and Josef Hofbauer for as many as 35. Hildegard Böhm and Marianne Scheuerlein have remained loyal to the company for an incredible 45 years each. Erhard Klamer, who is currently Head of Sales for the Fella brand in Germany and will take well-earned retirement in January 2019, was also given a special mention for his 29 years of service.

The site in Feucht is growing in particular due to the building of a new assembly facility, which is cementing Feucht's role as the AGCO Group's centre of excellence for green forage harvesting. It is precisely this growth to which the tireless commitment of the company's long-standing employees has contributed in no small part.


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