285 D

  • The quick way to dry forage
  • More effective than ever thanks to the larger rotor diameter
  • Perfect in combination with a RAMOS front-mounted mower

Special features of the series

Conditioners for the three-point attachment

The FELLA TAURUS 285 D conditioner for the three-point attachment

With the combined use of a front-mounted mower and the KC 275 D or KC 285 D rear conditioner, you can achieve an unprecedented level of efficiency when harvesting forage in alpine areas. Having the weight of the tractor evenly distributed over the front and rear axles ensures that it stays stable when driving on hillsides.

Precise swath positioning thanks to a spreader device that can be adjusted without using tools

Wide or narrow swath for the ideal level of dryness with FELLA conditioners.

Forage can be deposited in a wide swath or a narrow swath depending on the weather. This means that the optimal level of dryness can be achieved every time.

Work safely on hilly terrain

FELLA conditioners have a low-lying towing point and can centre themselves automatically

The low-lying towing point guarantees excellent trailing behaviour and prevents the conditioner from sloping downhill. Automatic centring when lifting guarantees stability on hillsides.

Can be adapted to suit different working conditions accordingly

Spring tine rotor with Super-C tines, tine saver and chequered plate

The spring tine rotor is equipped with Super-C tines and a tine saver, and can be set to four different levels of intensity. The 285 D also comes with a chequered plate for conditioning large quantities of forage more efficiently.

More effective than ever thanks to the larger rotor diameter

The FELLA TAURUS 285 D conditioner, now with a larger tine rotor

The tine rotor on the Taurus 285 D has been made larger. This allows operators to condition even large quantities of forage at a high throughput rate.

Technical specifications

Machine TAURUS 285 D
Mounting category CAT. I+II CAT.
Pick-up width approx. 1820 mm
Total width approx. 2500 mm
Weight approx. 564 kg
Power demand approx. 35 hp
PTO rpm 540/1000 rpm

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