260 FP - 260 FP-S

  • Compact attachment to the tractor
  • Optimum ground adaptation by hitching the mower unit at the centre of gravity
  • Perfect quality of cut thanks to the cutter bar with compact angular gear

Special features of the series

Optimum ground adaptation

Oscillating linkage transverse pivot movement COMP v001 72dpi 1000px

The pivot axle mounted at the centre of gravity ensures optimum ground adaptation (+/- 6.5°). A uniform cutter bar contact pressure can be set using the spring relief on the tractor.&nbsp,

Low load for the tractor

Due to the compact linkage on the FP mower, the centre of gravity is very close to the tractor. This results in a low load for the tractor and machine, and prevents rocking, even when driving quickly on roads.

Work safely on hillsides thanks to compact linkage

SM 310 FP K det web 5

The extremely compact linkage ensures perfect ground adaptation and, since the centre of gravity is close to the tractor, even driving with lightweight tractors is possible.

Uniform swath positioning

The symmetrical number of mower discs ensures that swath is uniformly positioned between the tractor tyres without additional feeder drums or swath drums.

Perfect swath positioning for the loader wagon

SM 310 FP SL arb print 1 gr2016 2000px

This FP-SL swather variant with cam-controlled feed tines ensures swaths are positioned in defined, compact lines (< 1.10 m depending on type of forage and crop). The feed tines deposit a precisely shaped and lightly packed swath which is suitable for all pick-up widths.


Compact angular gear

FELLA mowers with compact angular gear are designed to provide maximum performance while remaining cost-efficient in all regions and in all harvesting conditions. The design of the mower units features an impressive mix of stability and flexibility. They are particularly low-drag thanks to their special drive system, and they feature high ground coverage and a low power demand.


Technical specifications

Machine RAMOS 260 FP RAMOS 260 FP-S
Mounting category CAT. II CAT. II CAT.
Working width approx. 2500 mm 2500 mm
Weight approx. 474 kg 504 kg
Blades per disc 2 2
Power demand approx. 38 hp 38 hp
Mower discs 4 4
Swath width approx. 1350 mm 1350 mm
Transport width approx. 2500 mm 2500 mm
Transport length approx. 1210 mm 1210 mm
PTO rpm 540/1000 rpm 540/1000 rpm

Comparison list

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RAMOS disc mower brochure

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