2460 ISL - 3280 ISL

  • Light and robust construction ideal for smaller tractors
  • Easy handling and foldable protective sheets for good accessibility
  • Extremely flat cutter bar with spur gear drive

Special features of the series

Effortless adjustment of the cutter bar to the terrain

Mowing slopes 30 degree web

Thanks to the 30° pivot angle of the mower unit cutter bar, it is also possible to work neatly on ditches and slopes. The oil maintenance of the cutter bar is designed in such a way that reliable lubrication of all components is guaranteed at all times.

The mower is protected by a spring-loaded impact guard system

The spring-loaded impact guard system provides optimum protection for the mower if an obstruction is encountered when driving. Reversing automatically re-engages the mower unit in the working position.

Cutter bar with spring relief as standard

Disc mower spur gear spring relief web

The mechanical spring relief has a very quick response rate when working and ensures extremely good ground contour following of the cutter bar, protection of the sward and, therefore, clean and high-quality forage.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Upward-folding protective sheet SM 2870 ISL det print gr2016 1000px

The FELLA InLine mowers feature a protective sheet which can be folded on both sides for good accessibility during cleaning and maintenance work.

Direct drive into the first mower disc

Drive web

No mounds of mown forage in front of the cutter bar thanks to the drive provided directly from above into the first mower disc.


Spur gear drive

FELLA mowers with spur gear drive impress with their weight-reduced construction and ease of use. Working widths of more than 3.00 metres can be achieved and the yield maximised, even with small tractors.


ComfortChange quick blade change

Uncomplicated quick blade change that takes only a few hand movements.


Technical specifications

Machine RAMOS 2460 ISL RAMOS 2870 ISL RAMOS 3280 ISL
Mounting category CAT. I+II CAT. I+II CAT. II CAT.
Working width approx. 2420 mm 2820 mm 3180 mm
Weight approx. 510 kg 550 kg 570 kg
Blades per disc 2 2 2
Power demand approx. 50 hp 60 hp 72 hp
Mower discs 6 7 8
Swath width approx. 1650 mm 2000 mm 2500 mm
Transport width approx. 1800 mm 1800 mm 1800 mm
Transport height 3300 mm 3700 mm 3990 mm
PTO rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm

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RAMOS 2460 - 3280 ISL

RAMOS disc mower brochure

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