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hay label gold 4CAGCO and FELLA's market presence consists of a comprehensive range of drum and disc mower units, tedders and rakes.
Innovative agricultural technology has been coming from Feucht near Nuremberg since 1918. This is where quality, employee expertise and innovative strength always come first.

Tradition, innovation and passion.
That's the recipe for success for the green forage centre of excellence in Feucht, Franconia.


As the First World War drew to an end, the demand for agricultural equipment from the metalworking industry increased. In 1918, Josef Hackl and Albert Löffler took advantage of this moment to found the Bayerische Eggenfabrik AG in Feucht, near Nuremberg, southern Germany.

1932 saw the introduction of grass mowers, hay tedders, horse rakes and reaper-binders into the company portfolio. And when the first conditioner with tine rotor was awarded the bronze medal by the DLG, Germany found itself in the midst of an economic boom. That was in the year 1953 and farmers across Europe were already relying on the outstanding quality of the agricultural technology produced in Bavaria. In 1980, the decision was made to specialise in green forage harvesting – and with great success

A centre of excellence for green forage harvesting whose expertise and experience is second to none was thus established over the course of a century in Feucht near Nuremberg. With great passion, driven by a German entrepreneurial spirit and rooted in Bavarian tradition, the company continues its success story and will continue to serve the global market in future.


 100 years of history in images

A history told through archive film footage


Founded in 1918

Urkunde kleinBetriebsgebaeude 1918Plaene Anbauten 1Plaene Anbauten 2


The 1920s

 Arbeitswelt 20erJahreProdukte 1925Bild1LfflerBild2


The 1930s

Bild31932 Fella AktiengesellschaftWerksansicht 1936EdelstahlRasa RexLeegeLeege2Pony Binder2Pony BinderWerbeplakat Aquarell 193510000GrasmherArbeitsbuchWerksscharLufthmmer


The 1940s

 Grobrand1Grobrand2PlanzumWiederaufbau1PlanzumWiederaufbau2BedienungsanleitungLackiererei beschdigtThe binder assembly hall in ruins in 1943Betriebserlaubnis

The 1950s

Bindemher1Bindemher2ZapfwellenbinderBrochure PonyBinder Montagehrensge1952Test KnpfapparatFrauen BindertuchfertigungBinder EinlaufstandFertige HalleAlemanhaFlick KonzernStaudacherVerladerampeLuftbild1956VerwaltungsgebudeLagerhalleSchmiedSpritzenReihenbohrwerkSchleifen100000GrasmherVerladenGabelheuwenderProspekt RekordJupiterFSMFM140Kolumbus1953GeblseFrderbnder


The 1960s

 KundenschulungGezogenerMhdrescherSelbstfahrerWerk 1961Luftbild1963Luftbild1965LackierereiSpritzkabinenVictor1960Hannibal1966Csar1969Kartoffelroder1965Werbe DiaFSM230TurboheuerTurboheuer2Turboschwader1968KreiselmhwerkKreiselmhwerk1968Ladewagen LadupFeldhckslerAbladewagen FarmerKombiBallenpresseAllesladerKundendienstflotteFutterturmWerbung FutterketteMesseVerona1963ZLF1966SM240



The 1970s

KM210FMesseBudapestLetzterPflug1972Turboschwader1971Universalmaschine1972Maishäcksler FertigungWerbefoto MaishckslerFeldhcksler TaifunMaishckslerFMProduktpalette1972 DungstreuerDS30BallenladewagenKreiselmhwerk1972Turboheuer1972Turboschwader1972Hopfenpflckmaschine1973



The 1980s

Siloblockschneider1985Werbung80er 1Werbung80er 2Werbung80er 3Werbung80er 4Scheibenbandschwader1987


The 1990s




...and still going strong in 2000 and beyond

NeueBesitzer1999NeueRampe202NeuesVerwaltungsgebude2002Luftbild2003neuer eingang2003



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