Rake heads

The heart of the JURAS rakes

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Rake heads

JURAS rake heads

The rake heads from FELLA impress with their enclosed design, which
reliably protects all important components against dirt and dust. This design
guarantees a long service life. The large-dimensioned drive unit and the precision manufactured rotor arm housing made of aluminium alloy
are both good examples of modern and practice-proven design.
transport chassis of the multi-rotor rakes has a positive effect on the driving behaviour
and the ground adaptation – particularly on sloping and uneven terrain.

The maintenance-friendly TS3 and TS4 rake head

The rake head is bolted together using conical rings to form a sturdy unit. This has the advantage that the screws are not subjected to a shearing effect, but rather only to compressive and tensile forces.
As a result, perfect centring and rigidity are achieved for a long service life. If necessary, the rotor arms can be replaced individually without having to dismantle the rake socket.

TS5 and TS6 rake head – maintenance-free rotor arm mounting

053 rake head TS 7850 COMP v001A typical feature of this head is the solid, large-dimensioned bearing tubes of the rotor arms. This key component is designed to withstand very high stresses and the harshest working conditions. The precision ball roller bearings are also completely maintenance-free. The sheet metal socket tilted on its outer edge gives the head additional stability.

Tangentially arranged rotor arms

Best raking quality is achieved with the tangential arrangement of the rotor arms and an ideal swath is created. It makes significantly higher working speeds possible – necessary if the harvesting weather is not in your favour.

Assigned machines

Machine Intended application Mounting Working width Deposition type
JURAS 671 RakeTransport chassis6.60mCentral windrow deposition
JURAS 801 RakeTransport chassis7.60mCentral windrow deposition
JURAS 880 RakeTransport chassis8.00mCentral windrow deposition
JURAS 1452 RakeTransport chassis5.80mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 1402 RakeTransport chassis5.75mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 1603 RakeTransport chassis6.60mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 1502 RakeTrailed6.30mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 4000 RakeTransport chassis12.50mCentral windrow deposition
JURAS 301 DN RakeRear three-point linkage3.40mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 351 DN RakeRear three-point linkage3.60mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 351 DS RakeRigid headstock3.60mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 391 DN RakeRear three-point linkage3.80mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 400 DN RakeRear three-point linkage3.85mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 426 DN RakeRear three-point linkage4.20mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 456 DN RakeRear three-point linkage4.50mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 456 T RakeTrailed4.50mLateral windrow deposition

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