ComfortChange quick blade change

Stays sharp – without a break

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ComfortChange quick blade change

Simple blade change


The FELLA ComfortChange quick blade change system enables you to change the blades quickly and conveniently as required. Only the blade key is required to replace the blade. ComfortChange reduces the usual maintenance times considerably. This saves time and money.

Assigned machines

Machine Intended application Mounting Working width Deposition type
RAMOS 2460 ISL MowerRear three-point linkage2.42m
RAMOS 2870 ISL MowerRear three-point linkage2.82m
RAMOS 210 MowerRear three-point linkage2.05m
RAMOS 270 MowerRear three-point linkage2.55m
RAMOS 320 MowerRear three-point linkage3.00m
RAMOS 350 MowerRear three-point linkage3.50m
RAMOS 310 FP-K MowerFront-mounted3.00m
RAMOS 4080 TL MowerRear three-point linkage4.00m
RAMOS 4590 TL MowerRear three-point linkage4.50m
RAMOS 3160 FQ MowerFront-mounted3.10m
RAMOS 3160 FQ-RC MowerFront-mounted3.10m
RAMOS 991 TL-KC MowerMower combination9.30m
RAMOS 9314 TL-KCB MowerMower combination9.30m
RAMOS 2650 TLX MowerRear three-point linkage2.60m
RAMOS 2650 TLX-KC MowerRear three-point linkage2.60m
RAMOS 2650 TLX-RC MowerRear three-point linkage2.60m
RAMOS 3160 TLX MowerRear three-point linkage3.10m
RAMOS 3160 TLX-KC MowerRear three-point linkage3.10m
RAMOS 3670 TLX MowerRear three-point linkage3.60m
RAMOS 3670 TLX-RC MowerRear three-point linkage3.60m
RAMOS 3670 FQ MowerFront-mounted3.60m
RAMOS 3670 FQ-KC MowerFront-mounted3.60m
RAMOS 3160 TLX-RC MowerRear three-point linkage3.10m
RAMOS 3670 TLX-KC MowerRear three-point linkage3.60m
RAMOS 3160 FQ-KC MowerFront-mounted3.10m
RAMOS 3670 FQ-RC MowerFront-mounted3.60m
RAMOS 3160 FP MowerFront-mounted3.10m
RAMOS 3160 FP-KC MowerFront-mounted3.10m
RAMOS 3160 FP-RC MowerFront-mounted3.10m
RAMOS 8612 TL MowerMower combination8.60m
RAMOS 9614 TL MowerMower combination9.60m

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