Automatic safety disconnection

Automatic safety disconnection for increased operational convenience and protection against operator errors

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Automatic safety disconnection


Automatic safety disconnection with integrated freewheel

Safety disconnection COMP B 01 v002 2000pxThe automatic safety disconnection with integrated freewheel interrupts the flow of power when the halves of the machine are raised beyond the headland position (DN models with follow-up device).

Safety disconnection COMP B 02 v002 2000pxThis reliably prevents accidents and damage. In the transport position, maximum safety is guaranteed and the power train is protected.

Security Lock System

Safety disconnection with spring COMP B 01 v001 2000pxThe Security Lock System (SLS) automatic safety disconnection is an automatic, hydraulically actuated switch-off and positioning system with integrated freewheel (SANOS 8608 DN, 901 Trans, 11008 Trans and 13010 Trans models)


Safety disconnection with spring COMP B 02 v001 2000pxThe rotors position themselves automatically by means of self-centring when raising. This prevents any damage to the power train as a result of operator errors. Maximum safety is also guaranteed in the transport position.

Assigned machines

Machine Intended application Mounting Working width Deposition type
SANOS 901 Trans TedderTransport chassis8.60m
SANOS 800 Trans TedderTransport chassis7.70m
SANOS 11008 Trans TedderTransport chassis10.20m
SANOS 13010 Trans TedderTransport chassis12.70m
SANOS 4504 DN TedderRear three-point linkage4.50m
SANOS 5204 DN TedderRear three-point linkage5.20m
SANOS 6606 DN TedderRear three-point linkage6.60m
SANOS 7706 DN TedderRear three-point linkage7.70m
SANOS 8608 DN TedderRear three-point linkage8.60m
SANOS 11010 DN TedderRear three-point linkage10.72m

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Working width

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