Permanent flexibility with FELLA's rotating shaft steering inside the frame

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Use very high steering precision

steerGUARD transfers the steering movement directly and smoothly from the steering shaft to the wheels with the aid of the stub axle steering with adjustable track rod.
This results in very high steering precision and agility.

Maintain the exact track of the tractor

060 Steerguard COMP v004 Kopie

Thanks to steerGUARD, the rake always runs exactly in the track of the tractor.

Transport safely and easily

steerGUARD enables smooth operation even at high speeds. Safe and quick travel from field to field is possible at speeds of up to 40 km/h.

Benefit from a long service life

Long rake service life thanks to steerGUARD

With steerGUARD, FELLA is the only manufacturer on the market to offer a steering system for rakes which operates within the frame. The steering shaft is protected against damage by the frame and, unlike externally located steering systems, only has two moving joints. This provides precise steering behaviour, even after many years' use. Safety is guaranteed.

Assigned machines

Machine Intended application Mounting Working width Deposition type
JURAS 671 RakeTransport chassis6.60mCentral windrow deposition
JURAS 801 RakeTransport chassis7.60mCentral windrow deposition
JURAS 880 RakeTransport chassis8.00mCentral windrow deposition
JURAS 1452 RakeTransport chassis5.80mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 1402 RakeTransport chassis5.75mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 1603 RakeTransport chassis6.60mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 7850 RakeTransport chassis7.80mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 8055 PRO RakeTransport chassis8.00mCentral windrow deposition
JURAS 7850 PRO RakeTransport chassis7.80mLateral windrow deposition
JURAS 10065 RakeTransport chassis10.00mCentral windrow deposition
JURAS 10065 PRO RakeTransport chassis10.00mCentral windrow deposition

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