Quick blade change

Safe blade change without losing too much time

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Quick blade change

Tool-free and simple quick blade change

The usual maintenance times are reduced to no time at all with the quick blade change which is fitted as standard: Simply press down the bracket with the blade key, remove the used blade and insert the new one – job done! No other tool is required. The new blade is automatically locked in place and reliably secured.

Assigned machines

Machine Intended application Mounting Working width Deposition type
RADON 187 MowerRear three-point linkage1.85m
RADON 225 MowerRear three-point linkage2.20m
RADON 310 TL MowerRear three-point linkage3.06m
RADON 2940 FP-V MowerFront-mounted2.86m
RADON 3140 FP-V MowerFront-mounted3.06m
RADON 3340 FP-V MowerFront-mounted3.26m

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