Compact angular gear

Low power demand – extremely high ground coverage

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Compact angular gear

Ideal overcut for a perfect cutting pattern

Image of the FELLA mowers with large mower discs

The large overcut from the mower discs is positioned well towards the front of the mower unit and provides an ideal cutting action. To achieve this, FELLA mowers use large mower discs, which raise cuttings thanks to their special shape – an important aspect particularly for heavy material lying on the ground. A further advantage of FELLA large discs is the excellent conveying effect, even without a conditioner. This guarantees that forage is deposited ideally and loss of forage is kept to a minimum.

Streamlined cutter bar for maximum forage quality

FELLA compact cutter bar with hardened skids

The streamlined design with profiled base and hardened skids guarantees maximum forage quality. This enables the soil to be cleanly separated from the forage and to flow away under the cutter bar, even during field forage harvesting in poor conditions or on wetlands. The raw ash content in forage is reduced to a minimum and the sward is protected.

Indirect drive for maximum long-term performance

The indirect drive, which uses a large-dimensioned hexagonal shaft and the robust angle drive, results in even power output across all mower discs and the smoothing of torque peaks. The benefit of this is that the wear and load on all components within the power train is reduced, providing a longer service life. If the mower becomes blocked, the predetermined shear point in the hexagonal shaft interrupts the flow of power between the cutter bar and the tractor – protecting the drive components.

Robust support frame

The compact angle cutter bar is supported and guided by the support frame, which is made of warp-resistant steel, offering a high degree of stability and durability.

Easy-to-assemble cutter bar design for greater cost-efficiency

Bolted design

Thanks to the bolted construction of the cutter bar components and gearbox components, the assembly and replacement of individual parts is extremely user-friendly. In addition, the cutter bar requires very little maintenance thanks to its lifetime oil filling and straightforward lubrication.

Assigned machines

Machine Intended application Mounting Working width Deposition type
RAMOS 210 MowerRear three-point linkage2.05m
RAMOS 270 MowerRear three-point linkage2.55m
RAMOS 320 MowerRear three-point linkage3.00m
RAMOS 350 MowerRear three-point linkage3.50m
RAMOS 260 FP MowerFront-mounted2.05m
RAMOS 260 FP-S MowerFront-mounted2.05m
RAMOS 260 FK MowerFront-mounted2.05m
RAMOS 210 FK-S MowerFront-mounted2.05m
RAMOS 310 FP-K MowerFront-mounted3.00m
RAMOS 313 Trans-KC MowerTrailed3.00m
RAMOS 313 Trans-RC MowerTrailed3.00m
RAMOS 4080 TL MowerRear three-point linkage4.00m
RAMOS 4590 TL MowerRear three-point linkage4.50m
RAMOS 991 TL-KC MowerMower combination9.30m
RAMOS 9314 TL-KCB MowerMower combination9.30m

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