Drum mowers


Harvesting energy. With the RADON drum mowers from FELLA.

Drum mowers

Powerful, robust and reliable: RADON drum mowers are outstandingly suitable for the efficient recovery of high-quality forage, even under the most difficult of conditions. A precise cut and a high forage flow rate ensure that forage is optimally deposited in a loose yet compact swath. Even with large volumes of forage, RADON drum mowers can mow quickly without blockages. These mowers are available in a rear- or front-mounted attachment version.

Frontanbau Pendelbock
Front-mounted oscillating linkage

Working width: 2.86 m – 3.26 m

Heckanbau - Seitenaufhängung
Rear-mounted side attachment

Working width: 1.85 m – 2.20 m

RAMOS 8612 TL - RAMOS 9614 TL

RADON 2940 - 3340 FP-V

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Working width