Rotor head technology

The FELLA rotor head – durability meets stability

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Rotor head technology

The FELLA rotor head

FELLA rotor heads are of an enclosed design which reliably protects all important components from dirt and dust. This design ensures a long service life and impresses with its low maintenance requirements.

Stability and smooth running

The large-dimensioned, induction-hardened and ground tooth flanks guarantee smooth running and high break resistance.

High cost-effectiveness

Thanks to the 1:2 transmission ratio between the rotor head and the hinge head, the tine speed can be reached even with low engine power. This results in lower fuel consumption and keeps wear to a minimum.

Assigned machines

Machine Intended application Mounting Working width Deposition type
SANOS 401 DS TedderRigid headstock4.00m
SANOS 401 DN TedderRear three-point linkage4.00m
SANOS 431 DN TedderRear three-point linkage4.30m
SANOS 601 DN TedderRear three-point linkage5.70m
SANOS 901 Trans TedderTransport chassis8.60m
SANOS 800 Trans TedderTransport chassis7.70m
SANOS 1100 Hydro TedderTrailed10.20m
SANOS 1300 Hydro TedderTrailed12.70m
SANOS 11008 Trans TedderTransport chassis10.20m
SANOS 13010 Trans TedderTransport chassis12.70m
SANOS 4504 DN TedderRear three-point linkage4.50m
SANOS 5204 DN TedderRear three-point linkage5.20m
SANOS 6606 DN TedderRear three-point linkage6.60m
SANOS 7706 DN TedderRear three-point linkage7.70m
SANOS 8608 DN TedderRear three-point linkage8.60m
SANOS 11010 DN TedderRear three-point linkage10.72m

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