Drum mowers


Front-mounted oscillating linkage

Front-mounted oscillating linkage

  • Optimum ground adaptation by mounting the mower unit at the centre of gravity
  • Smooth running thanks to Gleason spiral toothing
  • Built for the toughest of applications with a power train supported at numerous points
RADON 2940 FP-V - RADON 3340 FP-V
Working width approx.:  2.86 m – 3.26 m
  1. Excellent accessibility for cleaning and maintenance work through a wide opening protective cover.
  2. Easy adjustment to different working conditions thanks to cutting-height adjustment and central adjustment of the swath discs

RAMOS 8612 TL - RAMOS 9614 TL

RADON 2940 - 3340 FP-V

RADON drum mower brochure

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