Spur gear drive large discs

Low wear – maximum application flexibility.

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Spur gear drive large discs


Razoredge Maehbalken STABILE BAUWEISE v04 550The durability and dimensional stability of this cutter bar are key factors for always being ready to use for the time-critical harvest season. The cover and tank consist of thick-walled material, are joined by interlocking and are fully welded. This results in maximum robustness, maximum stability and tightness of the overall design. Foregoing bolted connections encourages the crop flow and minimises weak spots. Additional outlets with large-scale support profiles guarantee a high level of horizontal dimensional stability, which is particularly beneficial for the cut quality when there are large working widths.


For a straight force path with high efficiency, the large-dimension drive pinion and mower pinion are arranged in series. The large gear wheels guarantee a lower rotational speed and therefore create lower wear costs. Even with a varying load, smooth running is ensured. With 3.5 teeth engaged, the convex-ground and tempered gear wheels always achieve reliable power transmission and functional reliability. The interplay between all components also results in low-noise operation

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Large mower discs allow for fewer cutter modules per metre of working width. This reduces the number of release points and increases the efficiency. They therefore also achieve a wide overcut and, therefore, a larger cut surface. Another consequence of this is the increased pull effect, which raises the crop before the cut and, as a result, achieves a uniform cut. The special profiling of the mower discs results in a flow effect when transporting the forage after the cut, and therefore guarantees an optimal crop flow and perfect forage deposition even for a heavy crop. Outer mower discs with feed drums guarantee clean forage clearance even in edge areas.Stirnrad Großscheiben Profilierung v1 550Razoredge Maehbalken Ueberschnitt v03 550


The heavily loaded drive units are all screwed in. This has a positive effect on the stability of the overall design and supports the service life in the long term. In the event of a collision, the overload protection protects the drive. In the event of damage, the mower unit is quickly and easily replaced. The hidden counter-cutters and the skids can also be replaced in no time at all.

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Razoredge Maehbalken Austausch Antriebseinheit v03 550

Driven intelligently

The force is applied to the first mower disc and guarantees a direct drive with high efficiency. The drive concept, which is consistently designed for efficient utilisation of power, allows for a reduced PTO shaft speed of 850 rpm under certain conditions and, as a result, fuel-saving operation. The overload protection and the integrated freewheel in the gearbox prevents costly damage to the machine in emergencies.

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Assigned machines

Machine Intended application Mounting Working width Deposition type
RAMOS 2650 TLX MowerRear three-point linkage2.60m
RAMOS 3670 FQ-KC MowerFront-mounted3.60m
RAMOS 3670 TLX-KC MowerRear three-point linkage3.60m
RAMOS 3160 FQ-KC MowerFront-mounted3.10m
RAMOS 3670 FQ-RC MowerFront-mounted3.60m
RAMOS 8612 TL MowerMower combination8.60m
RAMOS 9614 TL MowerMower combination9.60m

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