TurboLift system

Hydropneumatic cutter bar suspension system

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TurboLift system

Hydropneumatic cutter bar suspension system – TurboLift


022 Turbolift Hydropneumatische Mähbalkenentlastung v01 1000px

The contact pressure can be adjusted without tools by means of the dial. Once set, the system recalibrates itself automatically to every headland, thereby guaranteeing a constant contact pressure, even on long working days. The completely depressurised switch-off of the mower in the parking position is unique. The driver can activate the depressurised switch-off via a pressure-relief button on the mower's control device.


Floating cut

023 Turbolift Schwebender Schnitt 1000px

A floating cut is particularly advantageous when it comes to producing high-quality forage. The sward is protected, which means that less contamination enters the forage. This also reduces the load on the complete mower and the tractor requires less fuel.

Perfect cutter bar adaptation


024 Turbolift Auflagedruck COMP v002 1000px

Thanks to the middle attachment, the mower unit swings at the centre of gravity. This ensures good ground adaptation, even on hilly terrain.

Assigned machines

Machine Intended application Mounting Working width Deposition type
RAMOS 911 TL MowerMower combination8.30m
RAMOS 911 TL-KC MowerMower combination8.30m
RAMOS 911 TL-RC MowerMower combination8.30m
RAMOS 3060 TL MowerRear three-point linkage3.00m
RAMOS 3570 TL MowerRear three-point linkage3.50m
RAMOS 4080 TL MowerRear three-point linkage4.00m
RAMOS 4590 TL MowerRear three-point linkage4.50m
RAMOS 8312 TL-RCB MowerMower combination8.30m
RAMOS 3060 TL-KC MowerRear three-point linkage3.00m
RAMOS 3060 TL-RC MowerRear three-point linkage3.00m
RAMOS 991 TL MowerMower combination9.30m
RAMOS 991 TL-KC MowerMower combination9.30m
RAMOS 9314 TL-KCB MowerMower combination9.30m
RAMOS 2650 TLX MowerRear three-point linkage2.60m
RAMOS 2650 TLX-KC MowerRear three-point linkage2.60m
RAMOS 2650 TLX-RC MowerRear three-point linkage2.60m
RAMOS 3160 TLX MowerRear three-point linkage3.10m
RAMOS 3160 TLX-KC MowerRear three-point linkage3.10m
RAMOS 3670 TLX MowerRear three-point linkage3.60m
RAMOS 3670 TLX-RC MowerRear three-point linkage3.60m
RAMOS 3570 TL-KC MowerRear three-point linkage3.50m
RAMOS 3160 TLX-RC MowerRear three-point linkage3.10m
RAMOS 3670 TLX-KC MowerRear three-point linkage3.60m

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Working width

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