Super C tines

Super C tines – the flexible tines for maximum performance

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Super C tines

Super C tines

The Super C quality feature guarantees an extremely high level of quality together with an extremely long service life. As early as the manufacturing stage, special process steps are used to design the tines
for toughness, elasticity and durability.

Powerful Super C tine with six windings


With a tine diameter of 9.5 mm, a winding diameter of 70 mm and six windings, the Super C tine is one of the most powerful tines on the market.

High quality

FELLA Super C tines have to undergo a test cycle and survive 200,000 impacts without being damaged before they may be fitted. This ensures the outstanding quality of the tines.

Toughness, elasticity and durability

The Super C tines show their true class outside on the field. Under the harshest working conditions, they can be relied on.

Tine saver

The SANOS is equipped with a new type of tine saver. This protects machines that are following behind and your valuable livestock.

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SANOS tine arm

SANOS tine arm

At FELLA, the tines are secured under the tine arm. On the one hand, this arrangement has the advantage that the upper side is smooth and, as a result, no forage can be left hanging. On the other hand, it allows the tine greater freedom of movement, which contributes to optimal processing of your high-quality forage.


Good power transmission, even in the harshest working conditions, thanks to the SANOS tine arm.

The tine arms are made of tough, galvanised flat steel bar, which allows a wide contact surface between tine and rotor plate. This ensures very good &nbsp,power transmission even under the harshest of working conditions. The forces are optimally absorbed whenever the ground is uneven.

Assigned machines

Machine Intended application Mounting Working width Deposition type
SANOS 401 DS TedderRigid headstock4.00m
SANOS 401 DN TedderRear three-point linkage4.00m
SANOS 431 DN TedderRear three-point linkage4.30m
SANOS 601 DN TedderRear three-point linkage5.70m
SANOS 901 Trans TedderTransport chassis8.60m
SANOS 800 Trans TedderTransport chassis7.70m
SANOS 1100 Hydro TedderTrailed10.20m
SANOS 1300 Hydro TedderTrailed12.70m
SANOS 11008 Trans TedderTransport chassis10.20m
SANOS 13010 Trans TedderTransport chassis12.70m
SANOS 4504 DN TedderRear three-point linkage4.50m
SANOS 5204 DN TedderRear three-point linkage5.20m
SANOS 6606 DN TedderRear three-point linkage6.60m
SANOS 7706 DN TedderRear three-point linkage7.70m
SANOS 8608 DN TedderRear three-point linkage8.60m
SANOS 11010 DN TedderRear three-point linkage10.72m

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