2940 FP-V - 3340 FP-V

  • Optimum ground adaptation by mounting the mower unit at the centre of gravity
  • Smooth running thanks to Gleason spiral toothing
  • Built for the toughest of applications with a power train supported at numerous points

Special features of the series

Optimum ground adaptation

Swinging axle mounted at the centre of gravity for optimal ground adaptationThe swinging axle mounted at the centre of gravity ensures optimum ground adaptation (+/- 5.0%). A uniform mowing drum contact pressure can be set using the spring relief on the tractor.

Neat swath positioning

The RADON drum mowers with standard swath guiding assemblyIn the FP-V models, the swath discs of the standard swath guiding assembly can be adjusted into four positions centrally from the top. The swath width can therefore be set to different sizes.

Maintenance-friendly design

Wide-opening protective cover for RADON drum mowers allows easy maintenanceThe FP-V models are equipped with a wide-opening protective cover and an oil dipstick for easy inspection of the oil level.


Mowing drum

FELLA drum mowers are outstandingly suitable for the efficient recovery of high-quality forage, even under the most difficult of conditions. The mowing drums with quintuple bearing are designed to withstand very high stresses. A precise cut and a high forage flow rate ensure that forage is optimally deposited in a loose yet compact swath. Even with large volumes of forage, you can mow quickly without blockages.


Quick blade change

Uncomplicated quick blade change that takes only a few hand movements.


Technical specifications

Machine RADON 2940 FP-V RADON 3140 FP-V RADON 3340 FP-V
Mounting category CAT. II CAT. II CAT. II CAT.
Working width approx. 2860 mm 3060 mm 3260 mm
Weight approx. 846 kg 874 kg 907 kg
Blades per drum 3 3 3
Power demand approx. 75 hp 75 hp 75 hp
Mower drums 4 4 4
Swath width approx. 1200-1400 mm 1200-1600 mm 1400-1750 mm
Transport width approx. 2780 mm 3000 mm 3200 mm
Transport length approx. 1650 mm 1650 mm 1650 mm
PTO rpm 1000 rpm 1000 rpm 1000 rpm

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RADON 2940 - 3340 FP-V

RADON drum mower brochure

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