187 - 225

  • Adjustable contact pressure with spring relief
  • Easy handling and foldable protective sheets for good accessibility
  • Built for the toughest of applications with a power train supported at numerous points

Special features of the series


Mowing drum

FELLA drum mowers are outstandingly suitable for the efficient recovery of high-quality forage, even under the most difficult of conditions. The mowing drums with quintuple bearing are designed to withstand very high stresses. A precise cut and a high forage flow rate ensure that forage is optimally deposited in a loose yet compact swath. Even with large volumes of forage, you can mow quickly without blockages.


Quick blade change

Uncomplicated quick blade change that takes only a few hand movements.


Technical specifications

Machine RADON 187 RADON 225
Mounting category CAT. II CAT. II CAT.
Working width approx. 1850 mm 2200 mm
Weight approx. 524 kg 610 kg
Blades per drum 3 4
Power demand approx. 40 hp 50 hp
Mower drums 2 2
Swath width approx. 850 mm 1000 mm
Transport width approx. 1700 mm 1900 mm
PTO rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm

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RADON drum mower brochure

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