7850 - 7850 PRO

  • Precise SteerGUARD steering system
  • CamControl – Can drive over large swaths without difficulty
  • Maintenance-free rotor arm mounting

Special features of the series

CamControl – Hydraulic adjustment of the cam track when raising the rotors

Convenient technical extras for the JURAS 7850 PRO





Jet effect

Forage contamination and damage to the sward is reliably prevented by raising the front tines.


Cardanic rotor suspension

The patented fully cardanic rotor suspension ensures that perfect ground adaptation is guaranteed even under the most difficult of working conditions.



FELLA is the only manufacturer on the market to offer a steering system for the rake which operates within the frame.


Cam track adjustment/work quality optimisation

With the adjustment of the longitudinal and transverse inclination of the rotor and the cam track adjustment, the rake can be easily adapted to various conditions.


Technical specifications

Machine JURAS 7850 JURAS 7850 PRO
Mounting category CAT. II CAT. II CAT.
Working width approx. 7800 / 8400 mm 7800 / 8400 mm
Tyres of rotor chassis 6x 16/6.50-8 6x 16/6.50-8
Tyres of transport chassis 300/80-15.3 AW 380/55-17 Flotation
Double tines per arm 04/05 04/05
Weight approx. 2400 kg 2450 kg
Rotor diameter 3600 mm 3600 mm
Power demand approx. 60 hp 60 hp
Necessary hydraulic outlets 1xDAV with floating position 1xDAV with floating position
Swath width approx. 600 - 1900 mm 600 - 1900 mm
Transport width approx. 2800 mm 2960 mm
Transport height approx. (mounted tine arms) - mm - mm
Transport height approx. (dismounted tine arms) 3600 mm 3600 mm
Transport length approx. 8500 mm 8540 mm
PTO rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm
Tine arms per rotor 13/13 13/13

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JURAS 7850 (PRO)

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