14055 PRO


  • Compact transport height of less than 4 metres
  • Full automation and exact performance data
  • Operating concept that is tailored perfectly to the needs of contractors


















Special features of the series


Increased efficiency thanks to the FELLA proCONNECT ISOBUS system

Juras14055 Pro Details ISOBus 015  Juras14055 Pro Details ISOBus 019  Juras14055 Pro Details ISOBus 022  Juras14055 Pro Details ISOBus 030

A joystick is used to operate the system, providing maximum comfort for those long working days. All the functions, e.g. the single lift of all four rotors and working/swath width adjustment, are controlled by means of the FELLA proCONNECT system. The memory function for saving up to three different raking heights and the integrated hectare counter make the JURAS 14055 PRO the perfect machine for contractors.

flexHIGH – the faster way to produce high-quality forage

The flexHIGH speed-dependent raking height adjustment function makes adjustments in response to the increasing distance between the tines and the ground that occurs as a result of the increased resistance from the forage when travelling quickly. This counteracts loss of forage at high working speeds, resulting in increased work per unit of area. If the working speed is 0 km/h, the tines are raised above the raking height that has been set in order to prevent forage contamination.

gapCONTROL – monitored rotor overlap function

TS 14055 Gap Control 113 COMP v005

The current overlap between the front and rear rotors is shown on the display. If the critical zone is reached, a warning is issued to the driver, who can then make sure that the rake's working width is utilised efficiently.

myMEMORY – be ready to work straight away

Juras14055 Pro Einsatz 0206

The rake management system automatically retrieves the values, raking height, working width and swath width that were set most recently. This reduces the chance of making operating errors and shortens set-up/take-down times when moving from one field to another.

Compact transport Height of less than 4 metres

Juras14055 Pro Transport 038 2000px

Thanks to the hydraulic chassis axle, it is easy to lower the JURAS 14055 PRO from the comfort of your seat in the tractor cab. (Transportation speeds of up to 40 km/h – country-specific).

Reduced ground pressure

 Juras14055 Pro Details Entlastung 002

The optimised spring relief on the lifting arms and the large tyres (550/45-22.5) minimise the impact on the ground, even at high speeds.




















Jet effect

Forage contamination and damage to the sward is reliably prevented by raising the front tines.


Cardanic rotor suspension

The patented fully cardanic rotor suspension ensures that perfect ground adaptation is guaranteed even under the most difficult of working conditions.


Rake heads

The rake heads from FELLA impress with their enclosed design, which
reliably protects all important components against dirt and dust. This design
guarantees a long service life. The large-dimensioned drive unit and the precision manufactured rotor arm housing made of aluminium alloy
are both good examples of modern and practice-proven design.


Cam track adjustment/work quality optimisation

With the adjustment of the longitudinal and transverse inclination of the rotor and the cam track adjustment, the rake can be easily adapted to various conditions.


Technical specifications

Machine JURAS 14055 PRO
Mounting category CAT. II + III CAT.
Working width approx. 14000 mm
Tyres of rotor chassis 4x 16/6.50-8 / 6x 16/6.50-8
Tyres of transport chassis 550/45-22,5
Double tines per arm 4/5
Weight approx. 6000 kg
Rotor diameter 3600 mm
Power demand approx. 96 kW
Assembling time approx. montiert hrs
Swath width approx. 1300-2600 mm
Transport width approx. 2990 mm
Transport height approx. (mounted tine arms) 3990 mm
Transport height approx. (dismounted tine arms) 3400 mm
Transport length approx. 10000 mm
PTO rpm 540 rpm
Tine arms per rotor 4x 13

Comparison list

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JURAS rake brochure

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