4504 DN - 8608 DN

  • All-rounders in the tedder range
  • Very high quality of work

Special features of the series

High level of driving safety thanks to the short tractor attachment

Thanks to the extremely short tractor attachment, it is also possible to use smaller tractors for this series. The tractor's load is low, as is the front axle's load relief, and this results in an extremely high level of safety when driving on the road and when working on hillsides

Synchronised lifting of rotors for increased safety

Satz 6 gr2016 2000pxThe rotors are easily folded in and out hydraulically in a synchronised operation directly from the tractor seat. Safe operation is also possible when working on hillsides thanks to the synchronised lifting facility.

No rocking thanks to the integrated swing brake

090 Pendelbremse COMP v002The three-point tedders are equipped with an integrated, adjustable swing brake. It reliably prevents rocking (SANOS 8608 also with damping braces)

An edge spreading device as standard prevents losses of forage at the edge of the field

TH 8608 DN Einsatz 629 gr2016 2000pxThe central edge spreading device on both sides helps to prevent losses of forage even in the most difficult harvesting conditions or when working in hillside lines. It can be easily adjusted from the tractor seat (FELLA patent).

Spreading angle adjustment system as standard

093 Streuwinkelverstellung COMP v003Thanks to the option to adjust the spreading angle adjustment to three positions (15° - 18 ° - 21°), it can be used without any problems in changing operating conditions.


Super C tines

The Super C quality feature guarantees an extremely high level of quality together with an extremely long service life. As early as the manufacturing stage, special process steps are used to design the tines for toughness, elasticity and durability.


Power train

The SANOS power train with universal joints ensures consistent and reliable power transmission.


Automatic safety disconnection

When the machine is folded into the transport position, the automatic safety disconnection is activated. Damage to the drive is therefore reliably prevented.


Rotor head technology

The enclosed, maintenance-friendly rotor head from FELLA drives the SANOS tedder with a high degree of stability and cost-effectiveness.


Technical specifications

Machine SANOS 4504 DN SANOS 5204 DN SANOS 6606 DN SANOS 7706 DN SANOS 8608 DN
Parking height approx. 2400 mm 2600 mm 3300 mm 3650 mm 3300 mm
Mounting category CAT. I+II CAT. I+II CAT. I+II CAT. I+II CAT. I+II CAT.
Rotors 4 4 6 6 8
Working width approx. 4500 mm 5200 mm 6600 mm 7700 mm 8600 mm
Tyres of rotor chassis 16/6.50-8 16/6.50-8 16/6.50-8 16/6.50-8 6x 16/6.50-8 2x 18.5/8.50-8
Weight approx. 574 kg 606 kg 822 kg 946 kg 1172 kg
Power demand approx. 30 hp 30 hp 41 hp 82 hp 95 hp
Transport width approx. 2650 mm 3000 mm 2900 mm 3000 mm 2900 mm
PTO rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm
Tine arms per rotor 6 6 6 6 6

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SANOS 4504 - 8608 DN

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