1100 Hydro - 1300 Hydro

  • Specialists for alpine terrain
  • Maximum visibility of the rake is possible with front mounting
  • Durable FELLA rake head with enclosed design

Special features of the series

The classics among trailed tedders

TH 1100 Hydro arb print 1 gr2016 2000px

Convenient attachment to a tractor linkage drawbar is also a typical feature of this model range, as is simple and safe handling out in the field. Despite their enormous working width, these machines adapt well to uneven and hilly terrain.

Can be hydraulically folded into the transport position

Klappung TH 1100Hydro print gr2016 2000px

Synchronised switch-over via single-acting hydraulic cylinder for increased operational convenience (Hydro versions).

Edge spreading device prevents losses of forage

TH 1100 Hydro arb print 2 gr2016 2000px

The standard edge spreading device prevents forage losses at the edge of the field. By tilting the entire rotor unit, the forage is effectively thrown from the edge to the centre, meaning that it is also possible to dry forage from the shaded edges.


Super C tines

The Super C quality feature guarantees an extremely high level of quality together with an extremely long service life. As early as the manufacturing stage, special process steps are used to design the tines for toughness, elasticity and durability.


Power train

The SANOS power train with universal joints ensures consistent and reliable power transmission.


Rotor head technology

The enclosed, maintenance-friendly rotor head from FELLA drives the SANOS tedder with a high degree of stability and cost-effectiveness.


Technical specifications

Machine SANOS 1100 Hydro SANOS 1300 Hydro
Mounting category CAT. Deichsel CAT. Deichsel CAT.
Rotors 8 10
Working width approx. 10200 mm 12700 mm
Tyres of rotor chassis 16/6.50-8 16/6.50-8
Tyres of transport chassis - -
Weight approx. 1090 kg 1305 kg
Power demand approx. 48 hp 61 hp
Transport width approx. 2780 mm 2780 mm
Transport length approx. 6830 mm 8070 mm
PTO rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm
Tines per rotor 6 6

Comparison list

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SANOS 1100 / 1300 / 1550 / 1800 Hydro

SANOS tedder brochure

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